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Welcome to Brit-Pet

The husband and wife team that set up Brit-Pet recently spent three years in Perth, Western Australia, visiting their family who emigrated sometime ago. They have always been cat lovers and have used different types of cat litter for their various cats over the past 30 years. 

During their stay in Australia they bought two British Shorthair kittens from a breeder who recommended a wood pellet cat litter tray system from Oz-Pet, which she used for all of her cats and kittens. They decided it was a good idea to keep to the system the kittens were used to, so they invested in an ‘Oz-Pet Cat Loo’ and soon realized that it was simply the best litter system they had ever used. The kittens loved it and so did they; no smell whatsoever, very economical and easy to use and the litter waste is biodegradable so it can be composted for use in the garden. (minus the solids, of course, which can be disposed of in the normal way) 

On their return to the UK they realised how much they missed the Oz-Pet litter tray system, which was still in a container on the high seas and not going to arrive for another eight weeks! They had no choice but to use UK wood pellet litter in a standard tray, which proved to be very wasteful as the pellets broke down into sawdust very quickly without the Oz-Pet System. That was when they realised what their fellow British cat owners were missing and they decided to set up the ‘Brit-Pet’ business and offer the Oz-Pet Litter Tray system in the UK.